Don’t get us wrong, there is value in hosting your servers in-house. After the initial server investment, it’s just maintenance thereafter right? Not entirely. You also have to factor in scalability, GDPR and POPI compliance, cyber security and a myriad of other ICT-related issues. So, why move your servers to a data centre? This article looks at three reasons a move to a Microsoft Azure Direct CSP Partner might just be the best digital transformation step you take in 2021:

When should you consider moving to a data centre?

·           If you have aging server infrastructure coming to end of life. 

·           If you have expensive and fallible HR costs to maintain infrastructure. 

·           If you lose access to systems and information due to load shedding.

·           If you find maintenance of databases and infrastructure in-house expensive and unreliable.

·           If your remote staff often have difficulty accessing your line of business systems.

3 reasons your data is better in a data centre:


Microsoft Azure Data Centres managed by nVisionIT have much larger and more capable servers than most in-house business data servers and are available on-demand.


Azure Data Centres host information from countless people and organisations, so you’ll find the best cyber security measures already in place.


Azure Data Centres understand the nuanced requirements of the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act, and ensure all clients remain compliant.


Servers aren’t acquired once-off and then forgetten. As your data needs grow, you’ll need more space to collocate all of your information – which will require further hardware investments down the line. Azure Data Centres will allow you to allocate the resources you need on an on-demand basis.

There are also associated infrastructure costs that many fail to think about when establishing in-house data centres. These include air conditioning in the server room, on-site security systems like CCTV cameras, battery backups and other backup power solutions, etc. 

When you need enhanced data capabilities, the onus lies on your cloud services provider to make sure you get the capacity you need.


When looking at cyber-security measures, you’ll find few more iron-clad than those deployed and maintained by Azure Data Centres. Azure Data Centres managed by nVisionIT are host to innumerable amounts of data for their many clients. 

The safety of this data should be a number one priority (at least it should be), and few businesses already enjoying the convenience of data centre migration would argue with that. Other than online firewalls and other cyber-security measures, you’ll also find that the physical security measures to protect the storage infrastructure hardware at data centres are heightened. 

With millions of Rands of equipment at stake in an on-premises environment, power surges, theft, and natural damage can mean billions of Rands of cumulative damages should the system be compromised.


From the 1st of July 2021, all South African businesses that collect user data – be it in person or online – must be in strict compliance with the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act. For many organisations that host their own data, becoming compliant in time is becoming a serious problem. 

Not to mention the constant assessments and infrastructure audits that need to happen every year. When you move your servers to a Microsoft Azure Data Centre, all of the serious data storage checks and balances are seen to by Microsoft themselves.


Any organisation looking to move their physical servers to a cloud environment.

Medium to large organisations wanting to move in-house line of business applications to the cloud.

Organisations who want to move integration functions to the cloud, whilst gradually modernising their aging line of business applications.

Managed data centre migration in south africa

Secure your data with a Direct CSP Partner and the powerful Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. nVisionIT is an internationally-recognised top-tier Microsoft cloud services provider in South Africa, with offices in Australia and Mauritius. Contact us at info@nvisionit.co.za or via telephone on (011) 287-1400.

With our roots firmly established in a successful software solutions background, nVisionIT’s ability to also provide complimentary hosting and licensing services ensures that we embark on a journey with the customer and become a partner and advisor in their cloud journey roadmap.

  • We can assist our clients with hosting, application modernisation, DevOps services, serverless integration and Microsoft license provision.
  • We have 21 years of experience and an excellent delivery track record.
  • We have highly skilled staff and an advanced delivery methodology.
  • We offer clients the best possible pricing because we are a Microsoft Direct Cloud Solution Provider.

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