Advanced Monitoring Solution

Monitoring Made Easy

Reduce the costs of keeping the lights on

The administration and management of essential operational elements to effectively, efficiently, and proactively utilise technology, information, and data is a critical element of effective business administration.

Business Critical Tools

Computers, servers, networking, data, storage, physical and virtual facilities all form an essential part of your organisation’s digital backbone. Their ongoing maintenance and health checks are essential.


The manual monitoring and administration of these elements are costly and often inefficient. Free-up time and money spent on repetitive, but essential health and maintenance checks.

High Risk

The human element can potentially expose your business to risk. Automated monitoring, reporting and healing ensures that your business is always covered.

Our automated solution makes IT Monitoring and
management simpler and cost-effective


Automated delivery and maintenance of IT services


Top –Tier security features

Cost Effective

Free trial* and monthly subscriptions


Intuitive Reporting


Wide range of tools, easy-to-use console


Multiple packages to cater for your requirements

Monitoring made easy

IT Monitoring and management made simpler and cost-effective by providing an easy-to-use platform that automates the delivery and maintenance of IT services, including security, backup, antivirus and patching.

Monthly subscriptions gives you a flexible and cost effective solution to proactively manage your IT infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Endpoint Security
  • Microsoft, Mac and Ubuntu integration
  • On-premise and hosted
  • Advanced Automation
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Customisable to specific requirements
  • Free trial (t’s & c’s apply)
  • Monthly subscription

Remote Monitoring

Remotely monitor desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices across operating systems and platforms.
  • Proactively monitor all windows services
  • Proactively monitor CPU, Memory, Disk-space, Services, Event logs and more
  • Instant remote access to any problematic device
  • Manage any device without disrupting the logged on user
remote monitoring

Self Healing

Set up automatic fixes for problems and scenarios such as an application failing. This allows you to automate fixing problems quickly, often before you even know about them
  • Automatically start, stop or restart problematic services
  • Automatically initiate custom repair scripts on problematic devices
  • Automate your daily management tasks on Servers
  • Initiate complex workflow automation of maintenance procedures
  • Receive daily, weekly and monthly reports on issues that have been attended to help isolate and replace problematic hardware

Patch Management

Automate the entire patching process of your workstations and servers. Also allows for 3rd party patching such as Adobe, java and more.
  • Setup automatic approval policies for specific types of updates
  • Automate multiple patching policies for various group types
  • Allow patching of 3rd party software
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports on Patch status
disaster recovery services

Endpoint Security

Protect your users with top-tier security features to protect against malware, web content control and application control
  • With Active-Active failover capabilities without endpoints being disrupted
  • Also Active-Passive failover with instant VM
  • Integrate seamlessly with Azure as a standby failover datacenter
  • Does not require matching hardware spec in order to create failover environment

Managed Backups

Help protect your organisation’s data with sophisticated backups.
  • Daily Backup management of all servers and workstations
  • Extended configurable retention points for easy recovery of lost data
  • Backed up data is encrypted for maximum security and confidentiality
  • Integrates with Azure for secure offsite backup storage
Powered by
managed backup
disaster recovery services

Disaster Recovery Services

Ensure predictable systems availability with our Active-Active or quick failover solution from BMR to VM to multiple datacenters little to no down time.
  • With Active-Active failover capabilities without endpoints being disrupted
  • Also Active-Passive failover with instant VM
  • Integrate seamlessly with Azure as a standby failover datacenter
  • Does not require matching hardware spec in order to create failover environment

ADvanced Automation

Custom scripting and integration
  • Automate advanced infrastructure maintenance tasks
  • Automated sequential task control
  • Integration with workflow solutions or line of business systems
advanced automation

Plans & Pricing


Basic Package

from R110
per device


  • Remote Monitoring and Self Healing

Managed Backups

from R470
Base Package plus R360 per device per month


  • Remote Monitoring and Self Healing
  • Services (quote required)

Endpoint Security

from R148
Base Package plus R38 per device per month


  • Requires Managed Backup

Tailored Offering


  • Patch Management
  • Advanced Automation
  • Disaster Recovery Services
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30 Days Free Trial

  • Remote Monitoring and Self-Healing (up to 20 devices)
  • Endpoint Security (up to 10 Windows devices)

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