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nVisionIT have been very fortunate to have the means to continue servicing our customers during these trying times and have, in fact, observed massive efficiency improvements with the remote working model.

This can be attributed to our Ways of Working encompassing our systems, processes and controls which have evolved over two decades. nVisionIT has made a significant investment in our people, systems and processes and controls over the 20 years to incorporate complex concepts such as DevOps, Agile and Fail Fast to ensure that software and application development is no longer a black box and instead offers businesses increased visibility and clarity on the effectiveness of their software development practices whether in-house or outsourced. Our process, embedded in every one of our engineers, drives software development teams towards greater  DevOps and Agile capabilities and provides practical, rapid increments towards goals of quality, velocity, sustainability and agility for the organisation.

At the core of our Ways of Working, is the ability to make work visible and providing our customers and employees with complete transparency of every stage of the process. To achieve this, we report project status directly from the source including our code repositories and other platforms such as Jira, O365 and D365.

With recent events proving that business environments are going to be increasingly characterized by volatility, uncertainty and complexity, technology is going to play an even more important role in ensuring that businesses stay agile and resilient to sudden changes. Research has shown that companies that have the ability to develop and deliver software with velocity and quality – drive growth, efficiency, profitability and customer loyalty. This will only be heightened as businesses emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

So...what have we been up to?

We wanted to take a moment to thank our amazing team for not just keeping the wheels turning, but putting us into pole position with the fantastic results we have achieved during the last 2 months.

Let’s have a look at some of the great solutions we have been implementing with our customers during lockdown.

ONE Revolution Donor Portal

ONE Revolution Foundation is a “deep change” catalyst focusing on the non-profit sector in South Africa. They make use of a combination of systems-thinking, positive psychology, organisational development and digital innovation to trigger, nurture and sustain multi-faceted and deep change in the non-profit (NPO) sector.  Their initial pilot emphasis is on the companion animal welfare sector.

nVisionIT and ONE-R are developing a digital platform (MVP) that facilitates interactions between NPOs and current/potential donors – with specific reference to companion animal welfare (pilot phase 1). 

The ONE-R platform will evolve from there to offer a wide range of value-added services, partnerships, information, measurement and more.

Freight Forwarding Automation

nVisionIT is automating their Accounts Payable business processes for an international Logistics and Freight Forwarding organisation.

The initial focus of the project is on the processing of Inter-company Creditor Invoices.

Invoices are automatically ingested by the system for processing and sent for OCR and automated Classification, Keyword Extraction, Keyword Validation. Once the invoice data has been extracted, a business process is kicked off which caters for any exceptions identified during OCR as well as any validation rules which may have been triggered during processing such as:

  • * Creditor information on the Invoice does not match the corresponding information in the master database/ERP
  • * Invoice Header or Line Item Amounts do not add up
  • * Duplicate Invoices
  • Once any exceptions have been handled, the invoice’s keyword data is published to the 3rd party shipping application from where the payment is processed in the ERP.
Vastratech Sales Automation

VT Africa Holdings is in the process of migrating their operational software to the Microsoft Office 365 platform. 

As there is some complexity from a governance perspective as to how information can be shared and reported on between the three companies, VT Africa Holdings requested some assistance from nVisionIT to advise them on the best architecture for their requirements.

During phase one of their adoption of the D365 platform, Vastratech will go live with the basic version for all three companies with the relevant organisational structures, permissions and dashboards configured.

Future phases will see us building on this foundation and expanding the use of the D365 platform throughout the organisation for various use cases.

Thank you!

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our customers and our employees for your support and unwavering commitment during these uncertain times, and we can assure you of our own commitment to keep providing engineering excellence.

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