Mercantile Bank

Digital Signature Automation

Mercantile Bank has adopted the DocuSign platform to enable the Bank’s employees and customers to digitally sign the documents which form part of the Bank’s business processes.

The documentation and workflow surrounding the Bank’s processes is managed using Hyland’s OnBase, and although there is an existing DocuSign connector available for OnBase, the Bank’s requirements for digitally signing documents from within the OnBase platform is more advanced than what the current integration caters for.

To this extent, the Bank approached nVisionIT to assist with the development of extended custom integration features between OnBase and DocuSign.

Subsequently, nVisionIT developed a custom solution on the OnBase platform to automate the end to end generation, sending, signing and storing of the Bank’s Account Opening and Securities Admin Contracts through an integration with DocuSign.

The solution was successfully developed in implemented, thereby fulfilling the following business success criteria:

  • The sending of a document pack to DocuSign from OnBase should be automated.
  • The placement, function and order of document fields and signatures should be automated and flexible.
  • The generation of a One Time Pin should be automated and variable i.e. is not always required.
  • The re-uploading and indexing of the signed documents, including the digital certificate should be automated.

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