Applications development and support partner

nVisionIT has successfully supported Marsh on various applications and platforms since 2012.
These include:

  • *  Microsoft SharePoint
  • *  Marsh Composer Claims Management System
  • *  redCarpet Supportal Solution
  • *  Various .Net and Web based solutions

Most recently, nVisionIT has been instrumental in the rewriting of the Marsh Composer Claims Management system. The project was initiated as the current Composer solution, which was originally developed using classic ASP with VBscript and which nVisionIT has been supporting the solution since 2013, had become out of date and cumbersome to maintain in addition to lacking scalability.

nVisionIT has redeveloped the platform as a web based solution which provides a single unified interface for Marsh Composer that aligns with the MarineSure, TRMS, and Mobility and Credilink MARSH offerings.

The Composer Online solution allows users to log and manage injury claims while on duty. Organisations can log into the system to manage the claims for their staff or request Marsh to manage the claims on their behalf.

nVisionIT remains a trusted support partner of Marsh.

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