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The Health Systems Training Institute (HSTi) is the training arm of the Health Systems Trust (HST) and is the vehicle that provides the training and development support for the programmes delivered by HST. 

The Health Systems Trust (HST) is a leading role-player in the South African public health arena focusing on health systems strengthening, research, and strategic support to the implementation of priority health programmes.

HSTi is now expanding its capacity-building and training offerings to all role-players within the health systems in Southern Africa. HSTi offers innovative, tailored and application-driven clinical and non-clinical training solutions aimed at strengthening health systems at all levels and improving the quality of primary health care.

In the latter part of 2020 the HSTi began a process of re-engineering to streamline its product offerings to align them with current health imperatives. All courses will be offered online or through blended learning. HSTi has developed a learning management system that will be a one-stop shop for students. The courses are designed for busy professionals in the health sector. It is based on participative learning pedagogies and work-based activities.

Supported by a competent and motivated team, HSTi provides capacity-building and training support for the introduction of universal health coverage through National Health Insurance (NHI) and initiatives such as the re-engineering of primary health care, strengthening public health facilities, and improving quality of care. It supports the health system and those who work in it through training and capacity-building.

Designing a web user interface

As part of its expansion, HSTi required a website which could support its extended client-base, which straddles the entire health system, including multi-national donor organisations; health departments at national, provincial and district levels; NGOs/CBOs; statutory bodies; trade unions, employer associations, clinics and hospitals. Its areas of training and capacity-building expertise include health management and information, health research, health strengthening, clinical training as well as HWSETA-accredited skills programmes.

Together, nVisionIT and HST designed a web user interface for HSTi which has a clean look and feel and neat layout to foreground key information and to make the user experience seamless. This was done to minimise the search for courses and other relevant information such as the latest news in the health training space and other resources as part of the HSTi’s commitment to strengthening the national primary health system through health research, informatics, clinical support, capacity-building and training and contributing to the development of a skilled health sector workforce.

The website, accessible via, creates access to information on the array of existing and new courses offered by the institute, who will lead training for respective courses and how to access the product offerings through an easy-to-use booking system.
Some of the Short Courses offered on the HSTi website include:

Some of the Short Courses offered on the website includes:

Adult Primary Care (APC)

Basic Antenatal Care Plus (BANC Plus)

Community healthcare Stakeholder Engagement

Effective patient records management in hospitals and clinics

Health Information, Indicators and Analysis

HIV Counselling and Rapid Testing

Introduction to Health Research Regulatory System

Litigation Associated with Pregnancy and Birth

Nurse Initiated Management of Anti-Retroviral Treatment (NIMART)

Orientation to Effective Pharmaceutical management Gauteng

Research Methods for Health

Survey Data Collection and Analysis for Health Research

Wellness for Effective Leadership

Full NQF Programmes include:

Further Education and Training Certificate: Counselling

Further Education and Training Certificate: Public Awareness Promotion of Dread Disease and HIV/AIDS

National Certificate: Community Health Work

A Partnership Spanning Years

HST has trusted nVisionIT for years to deliver on various technology solutions and entrusts the company to care-take support and developments for its website and IntraLink. They were thus first-choice for the development of its training institute, Health Systems Training Institute (HSTi) website. They remain trusted colleagues in technology, focussed on providing digitally relevant content to their growing audiences.

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