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The discovery of Microsoft Azure cloud services has been a light bulb moment for legal firms across South Africa. Data centres offer cloud infrastructure for legal firms, where everything you need to consider regarding the secure storage of your law firm’s data is considered and looked after on your behalf.

The three main reasons South African legal firms migrate to data centres involve infrastructure capacity, security measures, and information technology regulatory compliance. Below we’re taking a look at why your legal firm’s data belongs in a data centre, how to tell if it’s time to look into a cloud migration, and how nVisionIT can help facilitate and manage comprehensive cloud infrastructure for legal firms:

here's why your legal firm data is better off in a data centre:


Microsoft Azure data centres managed by nVisionIT have much larger and more capable servers than most in-house legal firm data servers.


Microsoft Data centres host information from countless people and organisations, so you’ll find the best cyber security measures in place.


Microsoft Data centres understand the nuanced requirements of the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act, and ensure all clients (especially legal firms) remain compliant.

reduced downtime & remote access

Did you know that almost 90% of businesses have experienced downtime for some reason or another? In South Africa, factors like sudden power cuts and ageing internet infrastructure can render a business’s data inaccessible, which is never a good thing. 

Azure data centres provide a 99.99% uptime, and furthermore, Azure offers redundancy on three different levels: within data centres, within regions and across multiple regions, ensuring that your organisation keep the servers on and accessible, come what may.

This cloud managed data centre storage also means that every single employee can have remote access to business data, which they can browse and work on from anywhere that there’s internet connection.

disaster protocols & iron-clad security

What is your legal firm’s documented process for implementing disaster protocols? Theft, natural disasters, and a range of other threats face effective data management, and organisations need to have clear crisis plans and protocols in place should a worst-case-scenario transpire. 

Other than the host of physical disasters that can befall your data, online threats like malware and ransomware and viruses have the same capability to compromise – or completely destroy – important data. 


GDPR and South Africa’s POPI Act are no laughing matter, as it is now a legal requirement for data-collecting parties to ensure that said data is kept and managed securely and responsibly. 

Any applicable business facing the POPI Act deadline of 01 July 2021 has a mountain to climb on the path to compliance, but not if they migrate their servers to a Microsoft Azure cloud hosting provider. 

The onus of compliance is then the hosting provider’s responsibility, which reduces the risks the business itself will have to burden in terms of their data management.

when should a legal firm migrate to a data centre?

If you have aging server infrastructure coming to end of life. 

If you have expensive and fallible HR costs to maintain infrastructure. 

If you lose access to IT systems and information due to load shedding.

If you find maintenance of databases and infrastructure in-house expensive and unreliable.

If your remote staff have difficulty accessing your line of business systems.

which legal firms can benefit from cloud systems?

Any firm looking to move their physical servers to a cloud environment.

Medium to large firms wanting to move in-house line of business applications to the cloud.

Legal firms who want to move integration functions to the cloud, whilst gradually modernising their aging applications.

why choose nvisionit as your cloud infrastructure partner?

Secure your data with a Direct CSP Partner and the powerful Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. nVisionIT is a recognised top-tier Microsoft cloud services provider in South Africa, with offices in Australia and Mauritius. Contact us at or via telephone on (011) 287-1400.

With our roots firmly established in a successful software solutions background, nVisionIT’s is notability to also provide complimentary hosting and licensing services, only a hosting provider, and therefore ensures that we embark on a journey with the customer and become a partner and advisor in their IT cloud journey roadmap.

  • We can assist our clients with hosting, application modernisation, DevOps services, serverless integration and Microsoft license provision.
  • We have 21 years of experience and an excellent delivery track record.
  • We have highly skilled staff and an advanced delivery methodology.
  • We offer clients the best possible pricing because we are a Microsoft Direct Cloud Solution Provider.

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