Monitoring Systems Licensing Platform

Zonke Monitoring Systems was a subsidiary of the Bidvest Group, a diversified group listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. ZMS was the agent of the National Gambling Board Of South Africa, contracted to develop, operate and manage the Central Electronic Monitoring System (CEMS) to manage and monitor the entire Limited Pay-out Machine (LPM) industry in South Africa.

nVisionIT created the end-to-end licencing management platform for Zonke. This platform covers the entire process from application of licences to the issuing of the physical and electronic certificates. This is accomplished across multiple categories of applicants from individuals, to route operators, to locations to manufacturers. Covering all aspects of the tightly controlled licencing industry.

The solution comprises an online portal that can be accessed by external users including the various Provincial Licensing Authorities users, Route Operator users, as well as Site Operators and National, Gaming and Key Employees for viewing and capturing Gaming License Applications and Renewals that are used and required by the gaming industry.

The platform consists of a core Dynamics CRM implementation used to manage the data set of licence holders at all levels and the workflow processes. On top of this was a large custom Angular JS based .Net MVC solution that is used by all external parties to execute input and output tasks because of the licencing processes.

Benefits of the Solution:

  • View Licenses Feature
    This feature allows applicants to view all the licenses (Application and Renewals) that have been created by that particular applicant.
  • Apply for a License Feature
    This feature allows applicants to apply for a license.
  • Business History Disclosure Feature
    This feature consists of all sections which must be complete by the applicant. The system will not allow the applicant to submit the application until all the mandatory sections have been completed and saved.
  • Supporting Documents Feature
    While completing and capturing information on the electronic License Application form for a New License Application, the logged user will have the ability to upload one or more documents (files) in order for these to be submitted as Supporting Documents for a License Application.

Other Projects Concluded for ZMS Include:

  • CEMS
    A web-based monitoring and management solution, designed for the gambling industry to record revenue and events for effective operation. It is an open platform that integrates easily with other vendor products. Integration can be at system to system (S2S), site controller or at a game to system (G2S) level. This central information management system comprises of IOT devices placed into gambling machines that interface with the relevant machines, collect data, and report on configuration. The data collection is a critical part of management of financial reporting government entities to manage financial transaction flow down to the specific device level. This ensures accurate measurement and policing of these activities and the tax implications thereof.
  • The Sports Betting Management Platform
    Was built to collect and collate all data from sports betting and online gambling environments, to provide a centrally managed store of relevant financial transactions related to activities and the individual win/loss level to account for financial movement. This custom built integration solution provides core reporting capabilities to Zonke to enable them to offer an integrated reporting platform to various governments.

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