Engagement Models

Our Value Proposition

Selecting a technology partner is hard and has a big impact on your business. This impact can be positive or in some cases not deliver the value you were looking for. Culture is just one of the factors to consider.

Our focus on the automation of processes and controls in software development is to allow us to flexibly engage with organisations with different cultures and objectives. We need to get a result without compromising Engineering Excellence.

We do this by creating transparency around the development process. Progress and performance reporting is directly from the development environment, in real or near real time. See the Principles of Our Approach.

Doing this allows us to stay focussed on what we actually need to achieve, namely will the solution or initiative achieve the stated business objectives and achieve the expected returns. On time and on budget are not true measures of success when you view a technology initiative in this light.

This focus is fundamental to our view on success in software development and the future of software development. It’s in our DNA.

We strive to deliver solutions that are the result of the combined thinking of your organisation and ourselves, and that in some cases, feedback from the iterative build, measure learn process means that a change of approach may be required.

Our engagement models are designed to achieve stated business objectives within the context of a customers requirements, culture and industry.

Engagement ModelS

Solution Based

Our solution-based approach aims to solve a specific business problem or achieve an agreed outcome within stated constraints

Time & Material

We agree on a number of hours per resource. The customer is responsible for outcomes, we are held accountable for quality.

Service Level Agreement

We provide a predetermined number of hours to support an application. Response times and prioritisation are agreed based on customer requirements.


We provide both control systems to foster collaboration and dedicated staff based on a long-term relationship where the focus is on partnering with the client and existing resources to better achieve objectives related to software development. See below for more information.


Unlock the benefits of collaboration in software development

What is co-sourcing

Co-Sourcing is a business relationship model to access talent that can increase business flexibility, save costs and foster innovation and growth. Delivery and/or operations is a joint effort between the client and their partners (including nVisionIT), working towards an agreed outcome on software projects or operations.

Co-Sourcing Benefits

Co-Sourcing can provide significant advantages over software outsourcing such as improved control and quality of output with reduced risks and faster ramp-up time. It is a model that nVisionIT is increasingly focussed on vs Time and Material and Service Level Agreements.

In order to unlock the benefits of Co-Sourcing, a shared control environment is required to foster and manage collaboration.

We tailor our automated processes, expertise and continuous support from our Ways of Working  and our Solution Fundamentals to the developers and teams that are hired for co-sourcing by our clients to achieve agreed objectives.

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