Harbour Dredging

Tablet / Mobile Solution

nVisionIT developed a field management solution specifically for the Dredging Industry. The solution was developed for AllBrite, a solutions reseller, using Microsoft Azure PaaS and related workloads.

The platform consists of an HTML5 tablet solution working in both an online and offline mode, that enabled activities and data measurements on the Dredging barges to be captured by the responsible parties on board. These activities are dynamically synced into Microsoft Azure as and when internet connectivity is available. The data is then compiled and managed within Azure, to provide near real-time management reporting to project managers and interested parties on land. In this way information about the Dredging process and oceanic floor environment is provided to the consumers of this data in a much more frequent and accurate manor then previously available. Previously data was manually captured on board the ships, to be recaptured at dock, which may be weeks or even months after the initial measurements where done.

Microsoft Azure not only did Azure provide the perfect fit for the requirements, but the platform also allowed nVisionIT to provide an Agile experience to the client. As the development team added, fixed, and enhanced the feature-set the team could make changes available to a geographically distributed user base with ease. This allowed the development team to validate that the software was fit for purpose. More importantly, it allowed the team to demonstrate small experiments to the client; most of those experiments were value adding to the product, and become features which were not initially scoped.

Dredge Masters capture their performance of collecting silt from their dredging operations. The measures are taken from sample locations, and then compared against the ullage table for that specific vessel. The lower ullage reading, the more sand and silt was dredged.

The interface uses dark colours so that Dredge Masters are not blinded by the application whilst operating during their night shifts.

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