Dramatically reduced capturing time
Automated document identification and capturing can cut your processing time with as much as 90% whilst increasing accuracy.
Your data, where you need it

Import your data directly into your ERP, Clearing, Workflow and Reporting systems.

Eliminate process bottlenecks, inefficient, manual data entry, lost hours and rising costs

Automated identification, capturing and matching of Commercial Invoices, Packing, Lists, House Bills, Certificates and ANY other information in the pack at line item level.


1. Capture

2. Read

3. Classify

4. Extract / Validate

5. Verify

6. Export

7. Analytical Reporting


Verify data at the source

Automatically confirm product codes, consignee information in real time directly from your line of business systems and ERP.

Compare and match data

Match data between documents such as commercial invoices and packing lists to ensure the information is consistent.

Get the best out of your data

Extracted data can be exported into any format to automate, inform and enhance your business processes

Import Data into your ERP

Generate a Bill of Lading

Advanced Reporting

Manage exceptions and quality control processes through advanced workflow

The consolidated document pack and data is routed through workflow processes to manage exceptions and to ensure quality control and dramatically improve processing time.

Keep a full audit trail of all activity

Freight forwarding for the 21st Century

Transform the time-intensive task of manually processing forwarding documents into a fast and effective automated routine. Industry leading data extraction software pulls key information directly from paper and electronic documents faster and more accurately than other technologies, without requiring templates, anchors, keywords or zones. Embrace a complete document processing system that combines automatic document classification, extraction, and validation, as well as archiving and uploading of data into many enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This advanced, intelligent capture technology enhances the accuracy and speed of any process that requires more than the standard character and form recognition of traditional OCR—all in a comprehensive package that delivers results from day one.

Reduces Cost

Reduces overall cost of data acquisition by drastically reducing manual data entry.

Automated Indexing

Automatically index documents by leveraging captured data.

Data Validation

Ensure data is valid and accurate to smooth follow-on processes.

Improves Accuracy

Improves document indexing accuracy and allows users to focus on exception processing when necessary.

Maximize Processing

Maximize processing and improve input cycle times by automating data capture.

Enabling our CUSTOMERS
to SUCCEED FASTER in the Digital Economy