Cloud Infrastructure

Migrate your apps and expand your data centre to cloud

Cloud Infrastructure

Traditionally, 70-80% of an organisations ICT costs are for keeping the lights on (maintaining operations). Where IT increased budget pressure means keeping the lights on consumes almost the entire budget – leaving too little for innovation and improving productivity. Reduced infrastructure costs with cloud and its capabilities means it is now possible to spend more on innovation / new projects. Our knowledge of the Mauritian environment puts us in a very favourable position to provide cloud infrastructure services.

cloud services south africa

Cloud Infrastructure Services Include

Services for PAAS, SAAS and IAAS

Total cloud solutions provider within the Microsoft Azure stack

Backup/Disaster Recovery

Backups, replication, failover and DR, all in the cloud or hybrid

Lift & Shift

Expanding your datacentre into Azure.Private cloud or hybrid

Azure Functions

Serverless architecture to run custom code without the need for infrastructure (FAAS - function as a service)

Licensing through our Tier 1 CSP status

  • O365 Suite
  • Microsoft 365 Suite
  • Dynamics 365 Suite
  • CRM Online
  • SharePoint Online

Our Cloud Solutions

Advanced Monitoring Solution

Monitoring made easy
IT Monitoring and management made simpler and cost-effective by providing an easy-to-use platform that automates the delivery and maintenance of IT services, including security, backup, antivirus and patching. Monthly subscriptions give you a flexible and cost effective solution to proactively manage your IT infrastructure.Learn more

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