Engineering Excellence

Engineering Excellence refers to both the quality of the engineering provided by our solution fundamentals, as well as the ability to create excellence through the engineering process defined in our ways of working.

It is the culmination of 19 years of successful solution delivery experience, incorporated into our internal systems and processes to ensure consistent, proactive interaction with customers and partners with an absolute focus on solutions that generate effective returns.

It allows us to continuously monitor and manage progress during the solution delivery process:


The effectiveness of the solution to address the stated business objectives

Code Quality

The quality of the code and appropriateness of the architecture

Relevance of the Solution

The relevance of the solution for its intended audience


The ability for the solution to evolve to keep pace with changing requirements

Ways of Working

We use Continuum. Continuum provides a pragmatic, goal-oriented approach to implementing DevOps and Agile in an organisation. It allows teams to benchmark where they are and provides guidance towards a set of achievable, agreed goals.

Decision makers increasingly face situations where they do not have time to wait for all the information to make an informed decision or proceed on a course of action. Business environments are increasingly characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity).

A different strategy is required for success in this modern environment. This is, particularly apparent in software development, where success requires continuous vetting against business objectives. At the outset, solutions cannot be fully defined, therefore the strategy deployed must provide the ability to change direction or stop if feedback does not support the achievement of the objectives.

Our systems, processes and controls have evolved over two decades, incorporating complex concepts such as DevOps, Agile and Fail Fast with the fundamental view that on time and on budget does not always equate to success.

This also allows us a great deal of flexibility in managing engagements tailored to customer requirements.

Our Ways of Working incorporates you, the customer at the centre of each delivery Squad, where requirements evolve continuously as the solution is shaped.

The Principles of Our Approach

At the core of our ways of working, is the ability to make work visible and provide our customers with complete transparency at every stage of the process. To achieve this, we report project status directly from the source, our code repository provides you with real-time online access to view project status.

Close Collaboration


Close Collaboration

Scheduled work is shared with all Squad members, including the customer, to allow for complete transparency.

Demonstrable Value


Demonstrable Value

User-focussed deliverables are deployed in 2 week sprints, requiring frequent feedback and interaction with the customer.

Make Work Visible


Make Work Visible

Track the total work remaining and project the likelihood of achieving the sprint goal.

Report on Engineering Quality


Report on Engineering Quality

Our reports allow us real time tracking of defects, code coverage and refactoring.

Engagement ModelS

Solution Based

Our solution-based approach aims to solve a specific business problem or achieve an agreed outcome within stated constraints

Time & Material

We agree on a number of hours per resource. The customer is responsible for outcomes, we are held accountable for quality.

Service Level Agreement

We provide a predetermined number of hours to support an application. Response times and prioritisation are agreed based on customer requirements.


We provide both control systems to foster collaboration and dedicated staff based on a long-term relationship, where the focus is on partnering with the client and existing resources to better achieve objectives related to software development.

Learning vs Failure

Failure is when you do not achieve your objectives and have consumed your allotted resources.

Learning is when you realise you cannot achieve your objectives in the manner envisioned early enough in the process to be able to change direction or stop.

Solution Fundamentals

Agility First

A process that adapts to evolving requirements. Providing insights for decision making during the course of an initiative.

Process Automation

Self-building, deploying, testing: More time perfecting and adding value.

Self Measuring

Usage analysis included in all solutions: Understand how it's working when live.

Secure by Design

Adherence to industry best practices.

Enabling our CUSTOMERS
to SUCCEED FASTER in the Digital Economy