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There is enough empirical evidence that proves that the combination of Agile and DevOps is the best way to build software that currently exists.

DevOps focusses on communication, collaboration and integration and Agile is the continuous iteration of development and testing in the software development life cycle.

The challenge is that not everyone agrees on the interpretation of DevOps and Agile. This often results in poor returns, confusion and frustration.

What is certain is that continuous, incremental improvement is the key to Agile and DevOps success.

Whether you are already driving DevOps in your organisation, just starting out or maybe trying to fine-tune your on-site/off site/ outsourced development team, we have an approach and tools that have proven to increase return on development spend.


  • Why do new features take so long?
  • How do we get new features to market faster?
  • Why does testing take so long with so many defects?
  • Why does it take developers a long time to get up to speed on our platform?
  • Why does adding new features break old ones?
  • Why do we struggle to control project scope?
  • Why do we continue to rebuild large parts of our systems?
  • How do we use the latest tech (AI, ML, IoT) with our existing systems?
  • Why do large projects get in the way of delivering smaller, urgent ones?

Our DevOps Solutions

Increase Return on Development SpenD


Data-driven Development: Actionable Insights

Unlock your development data for decision making and behaviour analysis with DevMetrics

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Continuous improvement framework for DevOps and Agile

Our Continuum process provides a pragmatic, goal-oriented approach to implement DevOps and Agile.

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