Vehicle Tracking and Route Scheduling System

BidTrack is a vehicle tracking and fleet management company backed by over 25 years of specialist, in-house research and development teams. They offer a complete range of systems with smart hardware at their core and packed with unique telemetry/tracking features. As proprietary owners of this technology, they are free to innovate and stay ahead of the curve.

When Bidtrack engaged nVisionIT, their existing vehicle tracing solution was created in 2008 and was responsible for tracking 30 000 vehicles. From a technology perspective the solution was built with the best technology available at the time and whilst the system supported Bidtrack’s then requirements, the system was lacking in Client Web Application and the Reporting Systems features.

BidTrack required a software solution provider to enhance their existing Web System interface that is client facing, in order to match the advances that they had made in the hardware space. They also required a better solution for their reporting needs in the form of interactive dashboards.

nVisionIT was appointed as the software solution provider based on our expertise and advancement in the Web Development space. nVisionIT was able to convert the existing ASP.NET Web Forms to ASP.NET Web API, MVC and AngularJS. This technology enabled a complete overhaul of the front end not only from a UI (User Interface) but from a UX (User Experience) perspective. Further feature sets were now available to implement in a faster delivery model to market. The implementation of cloud based technology and automated deployments further aided in the roll out of key features to clients seamlessly. The on-premise Microsoft SQL 2012 server was upgraded to use MS SQL 2016 server. MS Power BI with MS Azure was also implemented for the reporting portion of the solution with the interface securely integrated in the Vehicle Tracking Web System.

Since being appointed as a software service provider to BidTrack, nVsionIT have enabled BidTrack with the advancement of their technology and have been involved in a total of 3 large scale projects over 3 years.

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