Agile Web development
for rapid and frequent delivery

Often alongside the application we are replacing,
we allow our customers to use the software as soon as possible

nVisionIT uses the latest tools and technologies to build secure, fast & responsive applications that work on all browsers and devices. Our software development approach to DevOps allows for rapid and frequent delivery – often alongside the application we are replacing – allowing our customers to use the software as soon as possible, whether they are in South Africa, USA, Australia or globally.

Whether you are wanting a fresh coat of paint on an older site, a new module or are starting from scratch nVisionIT has the people and experience to build your next exciting web experience.


The effectiveness of the solution to address the stated business objectives

Relevance of the Solution

The relevance of the solution for its intended audience

Code Quality

The quality of the code and appropriateness of the architecture


The ability for the solution to evolve to keep pace with changing requirements

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    TESTIMONIALS in Development

    We build with Continuum

    Continuum provides a pragmatic, goal-oriented approach to implementing DevOps and Agile in an organisation.

    Continuum is a process of assessment, goal setting and execution. The assessment provides a baseline across 12 Dimensions. The team picks a set of improvement goals relative to the baseline and decides how long it will take to achieve them. The team works to achieve the goals and their progress is measured against the goals and timelines. When the goals have been achieved or the agreed amount of time has passed the team revisits the baseline and goals, adjusting as required, and select a new set of goals. This process drives the team towards greater DevOps and Agile capability.
    No. It is a metrics driven continuous improvement framework that provides a factual baseline on existing practices and capabilities for medium to large enterprises. There will most certainly be aspects that are not relevant or that can be added – this is fine as long as you keep the following in mind:
    • Prefer items that can be objectively measured.
    • Rather add smaller items across each dimension than one large, hard to achieve, one.
    The assumption is that you are using some form of Agile Software development. If you are using Scrum, Kanban, XP, DAD or SAFe then Continuum will assist. If you are currently using Waterfall, Continuum can still add value by assisting in becoming more agile.
    DORA and Continuum are complimentary. Where DORA may indicate that the team should focus on MTTR, Continuum provides a set of practical steps that would help to improve this metric holistically. Of course Continuum does not have an exhaustive set of tasks but it can help simplify the decision making process.
    No. Continuum enables an organisation to be self-sufficient within a short period of time once the concepts are understood and initial goals set.