ERPNext Conferencee 2023

Designed for CIO / Head of IT in South Africa and Mauritius

There is a trend to move from large, complex ERP systems to smaller, more specialized solutions that are easier to use and maintain.

Designed for CIO / Head of IT for enterprise / large organisations, this conference will help you evaluate ERPNext as a cost-effective alternative to SAP, Dynamics 365, NetSuite and Oracle.

Indictrans – an India-based ERPNext Certified Gold Partner, and nVisionIT – an award-winning software development company have an exclusive tie-up for ERPNext business. This partnership aims to leverage the strengths of both companies to provide high-quality ERPNext services to Mauritius & South Africa based clients.

Is it Time to ReThink your ERP?

Large ERP systems are difficult to maintain – with almost 50% of attempts to install and use failing!

The main reasons for this are:

  1. The systems can be too difficult for users to understand and use
  2. The systems cannot keep up with changes in the business processes
  3. The cost of licensing increases as the business grows and adds more users
  4. Large ERP systems like SAP, Oracle and Dynamics are expensive/complex to maintain

ERPNext eliminates the associated complexity with traditional and large ERP implementations. We have 400+ clients to prove it. ERPNext brings:

  1. Gartner’s highest rating for ease of use
  2. 100% customizability + app building platform
  3. No user-based licensing
  4. Way easier to maintain than Large ERP systems
  5. Can be specialised for a particular department / process.
Date & Venue:

            Friday 31 March 2023 Live Streaming on YouTube 

            Or if you are in Mauritius: Henessy Park, Ebene

Agenda (South Africa Time)

07 00    Welcome

            About Frappe, ERPNext, Indictrans & nVisionIT

07 15    Introducing ERPNext

            Why ERPNext is different from other ERP’s

07 45    Success Stories

            Enterprise & Public Sector

08 30    Break for on-site atttendees

09 00    ERPNext Features, Benefits & Demo

10 00    Easy Migration from other ERP’s

10 10    Features specific for Mauritius

10 30    Recipe for ERP implementation success

11 00    End of live streaming

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