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Unlocking your development data for decision making and behaviour analysis.

Moving beyond qualitative project metrics

Software engineering research shows that developer behaviour is a leading indicator for software success. Many of the issues that challenge software teams are visible in the team’s behaviour before they surface elsewhere.

DevMetrics combines information from your Git-based repositories with algorithms and machine learning to generate actionable insights into developer behavior and activity.

Traditional metrics can be easily skewed. DevMetrics are based on the objective information generated by the team’s activity. This information can then be used to help your team to make better decisions.


Simple, Actionable Insights and Metrics

Gain Actionable Insights

The most important information, summarised in a single dashboard.

Understand What Is Being Worked On

See which areas of the application are being actively worked on and the type of work being done.

Identify Activity Trends

See how much work is being done and how this compares to the team’s average. Understand the impact of changes to the team.

Clarify Who Is Working On What

Which developers are contributing the most activity to the project? Who are the experts in specific areas of the application?

Import Directly From GitHub, BitBucket Or Native Git

DevMetrics works with the most popular hosted Git platforms. If you run your own Git server you can manually upload logs. DevMetrics does not access your source code only your commit history.


Improve Team Efficiency. Create Better Software.

Team Communication

Bridge the gap between technical and non-technical team members.

Capacity Planning

Quantify the impact of changes to the team.

Development Practices

See the results of changes to your development practices.

QA Efficiencies

Prioritise your test effort by focusing on the areas of the app that have changed significantly.

You are in good company

DevMetrics currently tracks over 250 000 commits and 1000 developers.
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